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Our restaurant has free parking, a football field and plentiful grass to play on!

If we told you that only the way of grilling is what makes the difference, we would be lying to you. If on the other hand we told you that this is because we use only local meat or because we put special seasoning, we would say half the truth. In Agios Prodromos, the Souvlaki is an art which is being transferred from generation to generation and is equal to the history of the village and it’s way of life.

The only thing you have to do is to dress you children with comfortable clothes and take them with you. At Kokkinogia restaurant children can play safely either on the special playground or at the football field with natural grass! However, they will do all these after they eat their Souvlaki...

Reservations for small groups of people or for small parties, dances, dinners etc. can be done only by telephone. By telephone we will inform you in detail for the procedures you have to follow.

Kokkinogia is an area in the north part of Agios Prodromos. It means red land since the soil of this area is red. Our family tavern couldn't have a different name since it is located at Kokkinogia. The chef and owner, Sakis, is the one who makes Souvlaki have an excellent taste. The only way to find out is to visit us...

Apart from Souvlaki, which is the most known dish in our restaurant, you will be completely satisfied with the other meat dishes such as country sausage, pork belly (slice), soutzoukaki... For those who adore cooked meals, there is also the dish of the day and you have two options!

The river which crosses the village of Agios Prodromos gives a special sense of coolness especially during the summer. The combination of cool climate and wonderful taste of Souvlaki pleases everyone. On the other hand, the winter climate makes us light the stone fireplace in order to warm up our guests in case they haven't been warmed up yet by the atmosphere of the tavern with the wooden decoration and the sense of Macedonian hospitality.

At our restaurant, all the food which is served is local. We ourselves buy the meat, the vegetable, the bread and anything else which goes with the food from the local market. Agios Prodromos but also the around area is famous for the excellent quality of meat produced.

Since 1992, the chef of the restaurant, Sakis Adamou, has really obtained a master in the art of making Souvlaki. Sakis’ name is byword for Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos and probably you may find people who believe so, not only at Agios Prodromos but also in the wider area as well as in Thessaloniki.

At Kokkinogia people find what they want. Excellent food, quality local ingredients, friendly environment, quick service, reasonable prices and the great Souvlaki of course in a marvelous place which was created in order to offer all the above.

At our restaurants you will be satisfied not only by the food but also by the prices. The cost of a full menu for 5 adults is estimated at less than 75 € (including VAT). It is probable that the prices are different (lower) in case of a party (e.g. dance, social events) or in case you are interested in a mass social gathering.

A sweet one of course....Yoghurt and honey, ravani and preserves during the winter, cheese cake, saragli, ice-cream and fruit during the summer. These are only some of the many desserts that we offer with pleasure to you before you finish your meal.

In the yard of the restaurant, pets are allowed but always under the supervision of their boss. (Note that it will be quite difficult to control your dog with all these smells!)