The village of Agios Prodromos

Agios Prodromos is located in central Chalkidiki. It is just 14 km away from the capital, Polygyros, and 50 km away from Thessaloniki. It is an ideal place to stop for tourists who visit Agion Oros, Cholomon Mountain and other destinations of mountainous Chalkidiki.

The residents of the village are involved in agriculture, cattle-breeding, tourism and of course traditional Souvlaki.  In the long history of the village, the residents have preserved many important customs such as the feast in the chapel 

of Agios Prodromos on 28-29 August, in which for years now thousands of faithful visitors have been gathering from all the villages around, but also from Thessaloniki. 

The picturesque place where Agios Prodromos was built, with the “cool” river of Resetnikia crossing the village, the traditional houses and the renovated church of Kimisi tis Theotokou is the reason why this place is a tourist attraction for many.

  • Population

  • Area

    26.979 km2
  • Distance from Polygyros

    14 km2
  • Distane from Thessaloniki

    50 km2
  • Distane from Mount Athos

    65 km2

Pork Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos

The delicious Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos, Chalkidiki, owes its success in a unique combination of three well-kept secrets. The first is the experience in the choice of the meat, the way of preparation with additional seasoning in the right quantity and of course the method of grilling, which make Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos win international distinctions (it has been awarded by the Government of New Zealand).

At Sakis' restaurant we really know the art of making and offering Souvlaki. In this way, we not only proudly continue the tradition but also create it. We cannot of course reveal our secret. What we do though is to let the excellent smell of the food and the wonderful taste of our dishes become known to everyone.

In fact, taverns of Agios Prodromos constitute a sort of “taste cultural centers” and manage to combine both the traditional eating habits of Mountainous Macedonia and the good aspect of Modern Greek tourism, the natural beauty of the scenery.  

A visit to our family taverns is enough to make sure that the government of New Zealand with the greatest ancient tradition in meat production didn’t do wrong!