Welcome to our restaurant!

Get to know our restaurant and village. Discover unique dishes and award-winning tastes that will be unforgettable!

Welcome to our traditional family taverne "Ta Kokkinogia" and "Souvlakia o Sakis" at Agios Prodromos, Chalkidiki.

Just 50 km away from the town of Thessaloniki, on the way to the second peninsula of Chalkidiki –Sithonia- and to the “Gardens of Virgin Mary” (Perivoli tis Panagias) – Agion Oros -  we are waiting for you to taste the famous “Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos”.

In a cozy and friendly environment away from the cement and the exhausts of the city, our 2 family taverns are ready to satisfy the most demanding gastronomic desires and provides you with the opportunity to rest during your trip to and from different tourist destinations of Chalkidiki. Pork Souvlaki, country sausage, soutzoukaki, fresh traditional bread grilled with oil and oregano, boiled wild greens, handmade tzatziki, grilled feta cheese, preserves and many other dishes are a surprise for our new visitors and the reason why most of our clients still visit us.

In our website you can find useful information and you will find out why Mr Sakis' restaurants are a byword for the awarded Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos...



At Kokkinogia, the quality of the food and the services provided constitute the most significant element of the excellent function of the restaurant.

For our costumers' dishes we buy products from the local market that we also use for our homemade food such as meat, traditional bread, vegetables and fruits.

At Kokkinogia we give great importance to everything which has to do with the production, preparation and grilling of Souvlaki, which is our trademark.

For this reason, the company has developed its own production system for this product by using meat derived directly from the local pig breeders. In other words, at “Kokkinogia” we choose by ourselves the fresh meat, we prepare Souvlaki using our own equipment, do the grilling with the same eagerness and experience of ages and we offer to our customers as if we did to our friends!

Atmosphere and environment

Our family tavern “Ta Kokkinogia” is spacious and cozy, with excellent and quick service. In addition to that, the great Souvlaki will make you and your company feel at home.

During the winter, the traditional stone fireplace, the wooden, cozy decoration, the old local pictures bring back nostalgic memories and remind of the family moments of other times.

During the summer, in the yard of our tavern you will find yourselves in a really green cool environment and you will rest from your trip while tasting our excellent quality food.

Here, you will feel Macedonian hospitality and the importance of taking a healthy meal in nature.

How you will spend your time here!

At our restaurant, you will find all these comforts which make a restaurant distinguishable.

Firstly, there is a big, private parking lot where you can park your vehicle or your bus (there are many tourist groups which choose our restaurant for their lunch or dinner).

After ordering from our plentiful menu, you can let your children play at the football field with natural grass! For those who feel children, the only thing they have to do is to prove it in the field.

Don't forget though that you have to go back to your table soon, since at “Kokkinogia” we serve as fast as one can imagine.  If it is your first time here, you won't have much time to talk with your company, since with such delicious dishes you won't have many options. If you make the “mistake” of ordering separate portions, soon you will find out that everyone wants to taste others' dish and you will end up “crossing your forks” over the table!

Fully satisfied you will ask for the check and we will treat you to season desserts such as yogurt with honey, ravani, preserves, cheese cake or fruit salad.

You will leave happy (maybe you will get a Souvlaki takeaway!) and we will make an appointment as soon as possible since at Sakis' restaurant those who don't visit us again are few.