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At Kokkinogia, the quality of both the food and the services we provide is the most important element for the excellent operation of the restaurant. We give maximum importance to the production, processing, and of course the baking of Souvlaki, which is also the trademark of Agios Prodromos.
Here you will feel the hospitality and value of a meal from nature in nature.

Fresh ingredients
from the local market

Variety of meat
spearheaded by the souvlaki

Lunch in nature
in a mountainous landscape

Convenient parking
for a car or bus or any vehicle

Soccer Field
made of natural grass

Tavern Sakis Kokinogia

Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos

The delicious Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos, Chalkidiki, owes its success to a unique combination of three well-kept secrets.

First, is the experience in the choice of the meat, the way of preparation with additional seasoning in the right quantity and of course the method of grilling, which make the Souvlaki of Agios Prodromos winner of international distinctions (the Government of New Zealand has awarded it).

At Sakis' restaurant, we really know the art of making and offering a Souvlaki. In this way, we are not only proudly continuing the tradition but also creating it. We cannot of course reveal our secret. What we do though is to let the excellent smell of the food and the wonderful taste of our dishes become known to everyone.

A dish with a souvlaki and other food



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